I love to dance.

I’ve always loved to dance. Ever since I was little, I’ve been doing some sort of dance. At first it was ballet/tap, and then it was kathak, garba/raas, and Hindi film.  I haven’t been doing many dances post-college (besides engagements/weddings) and I miss it. I’m thinking of taking a Bollywood dance class just so I can be dancing again, on a regular basis.

Here is the video of a dance a group of friends and myself did at a wedding just last week.

Hope you like it!

One thought on “I love to dance.

  1. Am loving reading about your passions…..reading, dancing, getting sick 😉 Its almost like talking to you in person only in this way, you actually get a word in edgewise!! You should take up a class…. If nothing else, you will add to your repetoire of moves!!!
    Love, JB!

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