Books turned into movies

Earlier this week, I was wondering when the trailer for Water for Elephants will release. I read the book a while ago and loved it. When I found out that they were making it into a movie, I wasn’t sure what to think.

I love books, I love movies, but the books-turned-into-movies phenomenon has almost always had less than appealing results.

I love the Confessions of a Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, but the movie? Eh. The Harry Potter books are brilliant, yet most of the movies can’t seem to capture that essence. There is no one to blame as books and movies are completely different mediums and often times books just don’t translate well on screen.

The only book-turned-movie that I enjoyed was The Namesake. It was beautifully done. While it didn’t stick to the book, the changes it made enhanced the movie, instead of bringing it down.

In Water for Elephants..the main character is supposed to have red hair, and yet Robert Pattinson is not a redhead. The most important character of the book, Rosie, is renamed Tai in the film. It makes me wonder why the writers change little things like that. Why not just let is be as it is?

Anyway, the official trailer came out yesterday and here it is. It actually looks really good and despite my complaining, I know I am going to watch it in theaters anyway. 🙂

Now I just can’t wait for the trailer for Something Borrowed to come out!

Are there any books-turned-movies you LOVED or absolutely LOATHED? Let me know in the comments!