Day trips

This summer has been filled with thousands of engagements and weddings. But this long weekend, there was nothing of the sort. We took advantage of this free time and the amazing weather and headed to Sausalito.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in the Bay Area for most of my life, but I haven’t explored too many areas of it. One of those being the other side of San Francisco. As soon as we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, I was in love. Sausalito is a cute town on the water, with a main street that is filled with restaurants and shops. There were street performers as well, which I enjoy.

First we had dinner at Avatar’s. It’s a good place that serves a fusion of Indian, Mexican, and Italian. Then we walked on the main strip, enjoying the weather and the scenery around us. We spotted a Lapperts, an ice cream place where I picked up a mint chocolate chip in a cone to enjoy by the water.



The next day we hung out in the other side of the Bay, Palo Alto. I had a coupon for the California Pizza Kitchen, where I happily ate my tostada pizza (sans the chicken). The night was so nice and we were stuffed from our meal, so we walked on University Ave while I ate my favorite frozen yogurt, Yogurtland. University Ave was so pretty- the trees were all light up (as pictured below).

What are some of the places near you that you enjoy making a day trip to?

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