Treat Yourself

The problem I’ve faced since starting this blog and also following other bloggers (Cupcakes and Cashmere, Matchbook Magazine, Glitter Guide to name a few) is that I want everything they post about.  Not good!

Last year, I bought myself the Amazon Kindle for Christmas and I absolutely love it.

Thanks to my new favorite blogs I have many contenders for this year’s Christmas present to myself. (We are doing a family Secret Santa courtesy of Elfster and I already have that wish list squared away.)

Here they are:

I desperately need a new pair of flats and I love the Tory Burch revas.

Since my current iPhone cover is a white fabric that has gotten dirty, I want to upgrade to this sparkly Kate Spade case.

I am absolutely loving this copy of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre that has been turned into an iPhone charging dock. Such a clever and decorative twist on a practical item. Check out their other designs on Etsy here.

What is on your Christmas wish list?

Also, being that it is the season of giving you can find my favorite gift guides for donations here and here.


Thanksgiving Outfit

At heart I am a sweats kind of girl. Most of the time its jeans and a shirt or sweater. However, I do have random urges to dress up. Luckily, this urge came to me on Thanksgiving morning.

With all the eating that would be taking place, I decided on wearing a sweater dress with leggings. Since it rained in the morning, I wore a light cardigan and my boots.

It ended up being the perfect outfit as I was able to play with my niece and also indulge in a slice (or two!) of pie.

Winter Must Haves

This winter season, I am on the hunt for the perfect pea coat. I have one currently, but would like something more fitted. I am by no means a fashionista, but rather a recessionista (love that term).

Here are some great pea coats I found under $100. (Keep in mind that these are great quality and pea coats last a long time.)

Zappos; $89.00

Macy’s XOXO; $59.99. I love the neck of this coat.

Macy’s XOXO; $59.99. Oh this is my favorite. Love the ruffles near the buttons and how it flares out. Adds a unique flair!

What’s on your must have list this winter?

Wedding Outfits

As soon as my brother got engaged, my mom and I started thinking about all the shopping we’d get to do! We debated on going to India or not and instead decided to get all our outfits from here. I thought it’d be fun to show you all my outfit selections! It didn’t strike me to take individual pictures of myself, so instead I looked through photos taken by family and friends to find these pictures.

Pooja at home: I liked this sari because the blouse was heavy, but the actual sari was plain.

Mehendi night- I loved the color and how the outfit flowed out.

Garba- This was the sole outfit of mine that came from India. I loved that it was all different colors but still went so well together.

Wedding day- doing my sisterly duty! I think my brother is asking if my arm was hurting. 🙂 As we walked through the hotel lobby, the guests were talking pictures of us.

Reception- I was trying to make sure my plate filled with paneer tikka didn’t make the picture. I guess not! 🙂

On the way down- My brother and I doing what we call the “India pose”- no smiling, no touching.

All new everything

I have a habit of buying things and then saving them to wear at a special occasion. I don’t like to wear new, special things to run of the mill places just because when I do have somewhere nice to go, the item won’t feel special anymore.

But now that my brother is getting married next week, I’ve been told that I should wear new items, no matter what it is. And let me tell you, it’s been worth the wait! I pulled out two items from my closet that I have been saving for a long, long time.

Here they are:

Since my everyday bag was tattering at the edges, I decided it was time to pull out this brand new bag. I love that it can be wore across the chest (perfect when running errands/shopping) or over the shoulder.

I bought these payal (Indian anklets) from India over three years ago and have been dying to wear them. I finally put them on earlier this week and I love the slight clinking sound the bells make when I walk around, as well as the shiny purple crystals.

Are you one of those people that must wear something as soon as you get it or do you wait for a special occasion?

Friday Favorites

I’ve really been slacking on the blog posts, but it’s been pretty busy lately. It seems like summer is officially gone and fall is now here considering it’s been raining for the past two days straight. I do love it though. It gives me the perfect excuse to stay under my covers and watch a TV show or a movie.

I’m feeling a little under the weather though and drinking loads of hot water and vitamin C tablets in a effort to ward off a cold. It would be a very inopportune time to fall sick.

Here are my highlights of the week:

A paneer wrap and potato salad make the perfect lunch.

A cool coffee shop that had lit up trees in the middle of it.

A mocha, my knee high boots, and bright nails can make even the dreary of days better.

Have a great weekend!

Matchbook Magazine

Magazines have been a way of life for me. From Seventeen and Teen Vogue and now to Us Weekly and People, I always love reading them. But lately, I’ve noticed that while it does give me my fill of celebrity gossip, I am left unsatisfied.

That all has changed when I discovered Matchbook Magazine. Matchbook Magazine is a monthly online magazine that features recipes, home decor, book reviews, fashion spreads, as well as interviews with inspiring women. Each issue comes out on the first of the month.  It has something for every young adult.

While I do love ogling at fashion spreads, I also equally enjoy reading book reviews and memoirs from amazing women worldwide. It’s great to have a magazine that caters to my varied interests.

Their tagline From lipstick to letterpress, gelato to grossain, and Paris to Peru consider us your field guide to a charmed life really hits the nail on the head.

Now to find a way to own everything that has ever been featured on Matchbook…that’s a whole other story!

Wedding Season

This summer has definitely been the summer of weddings. I’ve always loved attending weddings because they are such a happy occasion and of course for the desserts! Indian weddings are so much fun to attend, because they are rich in traditions, colorful attire, and the celebrations last 2 to 3 days!

This summer, every wedding I have been to (4 so far) have added their own personal touches. Whether it was a unique dessert or references to the couple’s Alma mater (where they met), I made a mental note of everything I saw because we have a wedding coming up in the family..and well, it’s fun!

Here are a few pictures from weddings I have attended:

The gorgeous wedding mandap that was filled with fresh flowers!

The gondola vidai

For dessert: there was freshly made donuts! So delicious, especially topped with the chocolate fondue and powdered sugar.

Another wedding had a mixer: all the guests from the bride and groom’s side gathered in a park overlooking the beach to just hang out and socialize. For dinner and dessert, they called a taco truck (my first time trying a potato taco and it was yum!) and an ice cream truck. I love food trucks, so I was excited but I also wanted to have this at my wedding..Guess I’ll have to think of something else-for whenever it happens!

The wedding took place in a stunning estate in the Malibu hills.

The reception set up (in the same estate). It is originally a tennis court, but is unrecognizable with all the gorgeous decorations! At night, lights that were strung across were lit up. It looked like something out of a fairy tale.

The cocktail hour took place by the pool, which had a great view of the ocean. The food was equally as good- Italian samosas and paneer tikka (my two favorites) and refreshing tropical drinks, personally named by the bride and groom.

The desserts- Sprinkles cupcakes! How pretty are they? They also had chocolate covered strawberries and falooda.

The head table where they bride and groom sat during the program. I like that it wasn’t a table table per say. The color scheme of purple and white was also lovely.

Have you been attending weddings this summer? What did you like about it? I would love to hear your thoughts!