Matchbook Magazine

Magazines have been a way of life for me. From Seventeen and Teen Vogue and now to Us Weekly and People, I always love reading them. But lately, I’ve noticed that while it does give me my fill of celebrity gossip, I am left unsatisfied.

That all has changed when I discovered Matchbook Magazine. Matchbook Magazine is a monthly online magazine that features recipes, home decor, book reviews, fashion spreads, as well as interviews with inspiring women. Each issue comes out on the first of the month.  It has something for every young adult.

While I do love ogling at fashion spreads, I also equally enjoy reading book reviews and memoirs from amazing women worldwide. It’s great to have a magazine that caters to my varied interests.

Their tagline From lipstick to letterpress, gelato to grossain, and Paris to Peru consider us your field guide to a charmed life really hits the nail on the head.

Now to find a way to own everything that has ever been featured on Matchbook…that’s a whole other story!

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