Favorite New Shows

As a follow up to this post, I thought I would share two of my favorite new shows from this TV season.

Once Upon a Time, Sundays on ABC at 8 PM

The premise: the small town of Storybrooke is occupied from characters of fairy tales, only they do not know their real identity due to a

curse casted by the Evil Queen. Snow White’s daughter, Emma Swan, is the only person who can put and end to the curse or so her biological son says. She does not believe him. The best thing about this show is how the fairy tale world and the real world are so thoughtfully woven together. It is so great to see Snow White in her castle in the fairy tale world and to see the reality Snow White as an elementary school teacher. The little details are what make this show so fun to watch.

Revenge, Wednesdays on ABC at 10 PM

This show is my guilty pleasure. It is soapy, but honestly so addicting. Amanda Clarke moves back to the Hamptons to seek revenge on all those that wrongfully accused her (late) father of being a terrorist. It is so entertaining to see her taking down her filthy rich neighbors, one by one, in such elaborate schemes. The best part is that no one knows she is Amanda Clarke or that she is the one reeking havoc. I fully cannot wait until both of those things are revealed, which according to sources should be this season. Although I have to wonder how the show will go on after the big reveal. I am looking forward to finding out!

What are your favorite shows from this year? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


My guilty pleasure.

Everyone has a TV show that is their guilty pleasure. A show that brings you nothing but mindless entertainment (although one could argue that is MOST shows :)). The Hills, 90210, Gossip Girl are a few that come to mind.

When I heard about Vampire Diaries, I assumed that it would be a show that is so bad it’s good. But I was wrong..it is actually GOOD. Period.

A brief disclaimer: I haven’t been too caught up in the entire vampire phenomenon that’s going on. For the record, I have read all the Twilight books and seen the movies that are out, but that is mainly at the insistence of my friends. As an English major and an avid reader, I wasn’t really impressed with the books. So, I assumed that Vampire Diaries would be along the same lines.

The concept is similar, yes. A vampire falls in love with a human teenage girl. There is romance, drama, and a whole lot of blood.

But what I was most impressed with was the speed at which the story lines progress. It is fast and not long drawn out like most shows nowadays. Each story line is quickly and neatly wrapped up as the episode draws to an end, but in the last few minutes a new issue is brought up to keep you on your seats until the next episode.  With the fast pace that the show has adopted, I assumed that it would run it’s course rather quickly. But that has yet to happen. Every week, they are constantly introducing new story lines that are fresh and exciting.

Seriously, props to the writers (once again, the English major in me comes out :))!

If this doesn’t entice you enough to watch it, then let me tell you that the cast is one of the prettiest on television right now. Two words: Ian Somerhalder.  🙂

Mmm good!

I just got the wordpress app for my iPhone..I love it! Now I can blog on the go.

So, I cooked dinner tonight! And yes, everyone who ate my food is feeling just fine. 😛

I made bowtie pasta, with red and Alfredo sauce together and another with pesto. I also made salad and garlic bread on the side.

I love to bake, but I’m happy to say my cooking skills have been improving!

In other news, Glee comes back tonight! Who else is excited? I definitely am.

My creation.