All new everything

I have a habit of buying things and then saving them to wear at a special occasion. I don’t like to wear new, special things to run of the mill places just because when I do have somewhere nice to go, the item won’t feel special anymore.

But now that my brother is getting married next week, I’ve been told that I should wear new items, no matter what it is. And let me tell you, it’s been worth the wait! I pulled out two items from my closet that I have been saving for a long, long time.

Here they are:

Since my everyday bag was tattering at the edges, I decided it was time to pull out this brand new bag. I love that it can be wore across the chest (perfect when running errands/shopping) or over the shoulder.

I bought these payal (Indian anklets) from India over three years ago and have been dying to wear them. I finally put them on earlier this week and I love the slight clinking sound the bells make when I walk around, as well as the shiny purple crystals.

Are you one of those people that must wear something as soon as you get it or do you wait for a special occasion?



After having read Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof, I’ve become an avid reader of his posts in the New York Times. Just yesterday, he posted an article entitled One Girl’s Courage. 

It is a sad and angering story, laced with hope. Despite having gone through something as horrible as rape, I admire Fulamatu’s steadfast courage. It made me think about how I could be more courageous and bold when dealing with my problems, which aren’t even half as bad as hers.

What would you do if you had Fulamatu’s courage?

The Human Factor and Social Media

I often shake my head when I see companies not taking advantage of social media. This doesn’t mean they don’t have a social media account..they do. But rather all their posts sound mechanical and one-way. Social media is all about engagement. Engaging with your followers and hopefully creating a loyal following for your brand.

This article really shows why the human touch is absolutely required when handling social media. People want to feel like they are conversing with an actual person. Just as you would behave in person with a client is exactly how it should be done over social media.

Not sure what I mean? Take a look at Zappo’s Facebook page. They are building engagement and answering customer service queries in a timely manner..using social media to the fullest.

What do you think about the article? What are some companies that you think are doing a great job with social media?

Speaking of the human factor, if you are South Asian and haven’t signed up on the bone marrow registry- what are you waiting for? I signed up on Be the Match, will be getting my swab kit at home, which I can just mail back. Easy peasy and you can possibly help someone in need!

Also see  how Amit Gupta, who is suffering from acute leukemia, is using social media to help find a bone marrow donor here.

Friday Favorites

I’ve really been slacking on the blog posts, but it’s been pretty busy lately. It seems like summer is officially gone and fall is now here considering it’s been raining for the past two days straight. I do love it though. It gives me the perfect excuse to stay under my covers and watch a TV show or a movie.

I’m feeling a little under the weather though and drinking loads of hot water and vitamin C tablets in a effort to ward off a cold. It would be a very inopportune time to fall sick.

Here are my highlights of the week:

A paneer wrap and potato salad make the perfect lunch.

A cool coffee shop that had lit up trees in the middle of it.

A mocha, my knee high boots, and bright nails can make even the dreary of days better.

Have a great weekend!

Who watches TV shows on the TV?

I watch a lot of TV shows and this fall I’ve added a few new ones to my roster (Pan Am and Revenge, particularly). This article, posted on Adweek, discusses how the ratings for many TV shows have been dropping. It made me wonder: who actually watches TV on the TV anymore?

Personally, in the past three years, I’ve rarely watched a TV show live.

Most of the time I watch my shows on Hulu or the channel’s website. If I do feel like watching the show the day it airs I DVR it, wait 20 minutes, and then start so that I can fast forward all the commercials.

It has a lot of advantages such as being able to watch a TV show exactly when I feel like it and not having to wait for a specific time and day. With people busier than ever, it’s hard to wait for a specific time and day to watch a show.

I do feel bad, especially when some of my shows have low ratings and are relying heavily on viewers. But then I remember that I don’t have a Nielsen box anyways.

I believe that the Nielsen box is an outdated audience measurement system. With so many different avenues to watch TV shows now like computers, smart phones, and video game portals Nielsen no longer paints an accurate picture of a show’s audience size.

How do you watch your TV shows?


While brands and companies are focusing on social media as it reaches a wide audience for virtually no cost, I don’t think print media should be dismissed as a valuable marketing strategy just yet.

I’ve always felt that the best ads are ones that are creative, funny, and/or useful and educational.

I came across this interesting article on Adweek that showcases 10 great magazine ads. My favorite was the ad for the advocacy group, Reporters Without Borders because it also includes a QR code and the use of an iPhone. It’s an ad that intertwines all the elements of marketing, both new and old,  into something simple and sleek, all while restating the non-profit’s brand.

What are some of your favorite ads? Why do you like them?