The Human Factor and Social Media

I often shake my head when I see companies not taking advantage of social media. This doesn’t mean they don’t have a social media account..they do. But rather all their posts sound mechanical and one-way. Social media is all about engagement. Engaging with your followers and hopefully creating a loyal following for your brand.

This article really shows why the human touch is absolutely required when handling social media. People want to feel like they are conversing with an actual person. Just as you would behave in person with a client is exactly how it should be done over social media.

Not sure what I mean? Take a look at Zappo’s Facebook page. They are building engagement and answering customer service queries in a timely manner..using social media to the fullest.

What do you think about the article? What are some companies that you think are doing a great job with social media?

Speaking of the human factor, if you are South Asian and haven’t signed up on the bone marrow registry- what are you waiting for? I signed up on Be the Match, will be getting my swab kit at home, which I can just mail back. Easy peasy and you can possibly help someone in need!

Also see  how Amit Gupta, who is suffering from acute leukemia, is using social media to help find a bone marrow donor here.

Technology and the Cookbook

Just the other day I was browsing through my mom’s recipe book trying to find a recipe for alfredo sauce. I flipped through all the recipes multiple times until I finally found it. I wondered why I was spending so much time when I could have easily found the recipe online in a matter of seconds.

This article, featured today on Huffington Post, discusses how technology is affecting the cookbook, and helping create satisfying meals. Certainly cookbooks as we know it are a thing of the past. There are countless websites that give you recipes based on the ingredients you have and your dietary restrictions. You can even splice together different recipes you find interesting.

There is also an added video aspect to recipes nowadays. Many cooks post YouTube tutorials of how to make items, which certainly helps those that learn visually. Or if you’re a beginner cook like me and lack any estimating skills about exactly how much masala to put in your paneer tikka masala.

How do you find new recipes? Do you still use cookbooks or have you shifted to recipe websites?