Essie Nail Polish

I am a total girly girl. I love all things girly – the color pink, earrings, dresses, you name it. The one thing I never really got into was nail polish. I liked the concept of it, but didn’t understand why it kept chipping after a mere few days. Who had the patience to change their nail color that often?

A few months ago I learned about Essie. I loved their polishes because they had fun colors and it lasted a while. Plus, all Essie polishes are formaldehyde free. But at $8 per bottle, I couldn’t swipe up every color even though I wanted to.

Solution: The Essie Winter Collection

For $11 I was able to sample 4 colors from Essie’s 2011 Winter Collection: Bangle Jangle, Cocktail Bling, Size Matters, and Bobbing for Baubles. The mini-bottles are adorable and much, much easier for me to apply (read: no smudges).

These collections are for every season, so you can expect Essie’s Spring Collection to pop up in a few months! Take a sneak peek at all their new spring colors here.

Do you like Essie and/or nail polish in general?


9 thoughts on “Essie Nail Polish

  1. I remember I had the same excitement when I first discovered Essie too! Surprisingly enough though, I’m finding that cheaper nailpolishes are proving to be more satisfactory for me than spending the $8 on Essie. What do you think?

  2. I love Essie too! Possibly because their bottles are so cute 🙂 Right now I’m wearing their Real Simple and I picked up a (free!) mini bottle of Bobbing for Baubles at my hair salon a couple weeks ago so I’ll probably try that next. I feel like having polished nails and good eyebrows always make me feel a little more put together, even if I’m slacking on everything else. That light lavender colour in the new spring collection is lovely!

  3. I have forever been an Essie girl, but I just got 2 Zoya polishes while they were having a freebie on their website (2 polishes of your choice free, you just have to pay $7 for shipping). They apply super easily (no streaks, mess free) and dried so quickly! I am hooked. Definitely try them out the next time they have a promo.

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