Hot or Cold or Both?

I really love it when completely opposite food items are paired together (within reason, of course) to yield one delectable result. Some of my favorites include pear and gorgonzola pizza and the pizookie.

Another dish that tops that list is fried banana and ice cream.

I know it sounds not very appetizing, but I urge you it’s worth a try. You can find it at a Thai or Malaysian restaurant. The combination of the hot, crunchy banana with the cold, soft ice cream is heavenly. Another one of my favorites is mango fried ice cream.

Do you enjoy the mix of hot and cold desserts? Why or why not?


2 thoughts on “Hot or Cold or Both?

  1. I love my desserts warm!

    Things made with warm chocolate like cakes and brownies and maybe some warm custards… sooo good.

    I don’t dislike cold desserts but my teeth are a bit sensitive to cold so it take some of the pleasure of the dish away. 😐

    Now I really want some warm french toast with almonds and cinnamon sugar on top. OMG.

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