Fancy Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches were my favorite growing up (along with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). I still enjoy eating one, but like to think my tastes have refined a little. Now with gourmet grilled cheese all the rage (like at The Melt) it inspired me to experiment with a classic.

As with last time, I used ingredients that were already in the fridge to create a unique and flavorful sandwich.

The spread: Trader Joe’s sourdough bread, pepper jack cheese, pesto, and an onion

The assembly: I like making pieces of cheese so that it spread all over the bread, getting all gooey and oozes cheese.

The finished product.

Do you like grilled cheese? What is your favorite variation on the sandwich staple?


6 thoughts on “Fancy Grilled Cheese

  1. That looks amazing! Thanks for the tips, I’m going to try these out next time. I mostly use old aged cheddar cheese in mine, and I don’t know if I can get pepper jack here, but I should try looking for it sometime!

  2. I always have brie and goat cheese on hand so I like to experiment with those + other fun ingredients, but my all-time favourite is sharp cheddar and really thin slices of apples! Have you tried adding avocado?!

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